Bicycle Queensland ambassador

Bicycle Queensland Ambassador

I was quietly sitting at my desk when the call went out. “Cooee” said Bicycle Queensland, “we’re looking for ambassadors”. So I put some words together, added my social media links and submitted my application. I wasn’t alone. These roles have broad appeal.

A few weeks later, I receive an email. Good news. I’ve been chosen to be a Bicycle Queensland Ambassador!

So what does it mean to be a BQ Ambassador? For me? Firstly a flurry of excitement. Secondly, recognition of my online advocacy of bicycle riding as a source of positive change for our world. And thirdly, continuing with that advocacy, only with a closer alignment to Bicycle Queensland’s initiatives and strategies. Oh yes, there’s also a new cycling jersey on the way (which I’ll show you when it arrives).

I’m one of five cyclists joining the BQ team as ambassadors. We live in different parts of Queensland and pursue our passion for bicycle riding in different ways. Each of us have a unique perspective which will inspire and encourage bicycle riding in Queensland.

Thanks for reading and Happy riding!

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