a bike for all seasons


Travelling, cycling, swimming… and a good dose of watermelon – now that’s a good summer! ๐Ÿ˜€ Myย summer holiday is over and there’s a new year to enjoy! To start 2016 and to celebrate the joys of summer on Australia’s east coast, here’s a photo story featuringย scenes from the past few weeks in a short video (1min 54secs):

It began with an innocent question. “Do you want to go for a ride in the morning Gail?” “I’d love to!” We were visiting Bargara for another wedding and I’d brought my bike in the hope of some relaxing bike rides in the beautiful autumn weather. “How far do you think you can ride?” my brother asks. Now I start to wonder… what am I stepping into here and ask cautiously, noticing… Read More

This project shares stories from my cycling adventures. It is an urban adventure around my neighbourhood, my city and also includes my travels to other places. I invite you to share your stories too. My experiment to ride my bike for four seasons in everyday life has made it through its first season โ€“ summer! As you’d expect, some of my adventures over the summer involved meeting the weather like โ€œRiding in… Read More