a bike for all seasons


This is another guest post from Jen Cooper. In her previous post, Big Bikes Little Bikes, it was decision time. Now let’s see how these Bromptons ride. Here is the second of Jen’s bicycle stories…  We had been searching for a solution to taking bikes on our camping and kayaking trips, and being able to carry and store them easily. After research done at intervals over a period of eighteen months, we found and purchased Brompton bikes. Bromptons… Read More

A week makes a difference at this time of year in Oslo. Spring is springing alive and the people with it. Everyone is celebrating the sunshine after the long winter. Three weeks earlier, as the locals prepared for Easter, snow fell unexpectedly in the city. It took most by surprise. It was supposed to be spring when winter tyres on cars change over to summer tyres, when the City Hire bikes return… Read More