a bike for all seasons


“It was certainly a very hot autumn day”, reported the Bureau of Meteorology. Yesterday, the fifth day of autumn, I forgot that summer was over. And so did autumn. Usually a time of gentler temperatures and cooler air, autumn stepped aside and summer charged in. Sizzling unsuspecting skin left uncovered. Evaporating moisture with an atmosphere warmed by a northeast wind. I hadn’t expected it to be so hot. A day earlier, the… Read More

This project shares stories from my cycling adventures. It is an urban adventure around my neighbourhood, my city and also includes my travels to other places. I invite you to share your stories too. My experiment to ride my bike for four seasons in everyday life has made it through its first season – summer! As you’d expect, some of my adventures over the summer involved meeting the weather like “Riding in… Read More

When somebody suggests we meet, two things now happen. My immediate thought is “I hope I can ride there”. Sometimes they’ll suggest a location. I’m then relieved if it’s somewhere within an easy riding distance (which to me is about a ten kilometre radius from home). Alternatively, I might be a little apprehensive because it’s not. Coalescing with this might be an opportunity to recommend an alternative place to meet. This is… Read More