a bike for all seasons


I woke just before midnight to crackling thunder, flashes of lightning and teeming rain. The air freshened and filled with that earthy scent of organic matter – leaves, timber, grass, soil – enlivened by heavy rain and electrical charge. I drifted back to sleep but not before hoping the rain would ease by our 6am start. I was meeting another bike commuter to shadow his ride to work. Hugh’s been reading ‘A Bike for All Seasons’ since early this year. After… Read More

My feet feel the cushion of grass, thick, green and shaded by a tall stand of gum trees. It’s lunchtime at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus, my surrogate workplace for National Ride2Work day, and I’ve made a temporary office on a quiet piece of lawn. A northerly breeze simpers through native leaves, casting a shimmering mosaic, promising a tailwind for the ride home. Because I work from home, I’ve decided to shadow a… Read More

Wednesday was National Ride2Work day where Australians are encouraged to commute to work by bicycle. It’s a wonderful initiative to draw awareness to the possibility of riding a bicycle to work and to give people an opportunity to try it. There are breakfasts organised by local councils and bicycle associations, allowing commuters to meet along the way and share the experience of riding to work. My workplace is at home. So commuting by bicycle… Read More