a bike for all seasons


My mother always said things come in threes. Some might call itย superstition or coincidence or the resultย of energy followingย the mind’s focus. But more often than not, things in threes seemed to happen. And so it did when Iย arrived at Hervey Bay, the third stop in our road trip. Over the ten days, we’d visited the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail near Esk. Around Bargara, we’d seen the sugar cane locos shuffling around the… Read More

On the eve of the winter solstice,ย the sky cleared to a brilliant azure and stayed that way. All day for the shortest day, the sun shone without a blink. The wind rushed in from the south-west, cooling the air and relaxingย the ocean into small waves, clean and clear. It was a beautiful day to be outside, in the sunlight, by the beach and riding my bike. Well actually, ONย the beach ONย my bike…. Read More