a bike for all seasons


The thought of riding a bicycle in Copenhagen was intoxicating. It had been 72 hours and 15,637 kilometres since I last spun some pedals around and this city is one of the world’s cycling capitals, a role model for bicycle culture and lifestyle. I wanted to experience it first hand. I wanted to see just how good cycling in everyday life can be when people live out their everyday lives on two… Read More

I arrive home from a morning ride and at the end of the driveway I see my neighbour Bob sitting in the communal car wash bay with his bike. I let my bike roll on along the pebblecrete, curious to see what he’s doing. It’s a sunny morning with high humidity and Bob sits in the shade on a foldaway pine chair. His bicycle stands in front of him, suspended on a small triangular frame,… Read More

Out riding this morning, south to Coolangatta and this story unfolds… The photos tell the story today…