a bike for all seasons


Wednesday was National Ride2Work day where Australians are encouraged to commute to work by bicycle. It’s a wonderful initiative to draw awareness to the possibility of riding a bicycle to work and to give people an opportunity to try it. There are breakfasts organised by local councils and bicycle associations, allowing commuters to meet along the way and share the experience of riding to work. My workplace is at home. So commuting by bicycle… Read More

My urban bicycle adventure – sprinkled with travel to other places – has been active for ten months. Over that time, I’ve pedalled over 2963 kilometres. Through this blog, I’ve been documenting my personal experiment in bike riding and story-telling. I’ve committed to riding my bicycle as much as possible in everyday life. I’m testing the boundaries of myself – my laziness, discipline, fitness and lifestyle – as well as the boundaries of my city – its… Read More

It’s Bike Week! Saturday 25th April marks the beginning of Bike Week in Queensland, Australia. This celebration of cycling takes place every year. It involves workshops, group rides and Ride2Work day, all with the intention of seeing “more people cycling more often”. This is the mantra of Bicycle Queensland as they organise this annual festival. “more people cycling more often.” Bicycle Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to “promote safe, everyday bicycle riding”. I’m a… Read More