a bike for all seasons


Travelling by bike with two nine-foot surfboards attached behind on a tiny trolley doesn’t go unnoticed. In an earlier post, I shared how a solution arrived for getting my surfboard to the beach without using our car. What I didn’t share was the unexpected attention this invention attracted. Even though we’d trialled the surfboard trolley in the driveway, taking it onto the streets and footpaths was an altogether different set of circumstances. I was fairly… Read More

Something happened yesterday. It was as if all the thinking, observing, pondering and patience merged into one ethereal stream and suddenly a solution floated to the surface. All year I’ve been wondering how I could transport my surfboard to the beach without using our car. It’s been a prickly part of this project. Something that I felt was unresolved. A conundrum. A puzzle that I couldn’t solve. You see it’s possible to buy a surfboard rack for a bike… Read More

Last week I learnt a new word. It wasn’t just a word from the dictionary that I hadn’t seen before. It was a new, new word. Back in January, an exchange on Twitter between a citizen and a politician in New Zealand saw the politician tweet: “the very idea that people lug home their weekly supermarket shopping on the train is fanciful”. To which the citizen replied “I get groceries on my bike”…. Read More