a bike for all seasons


I’m riding in the rain 🎶 Just riding in the rain 🎶 What a glorious feelin’ 🎶 I’m hap..hap…happy again 🎶 About 112mm of rain has fallen since 9am this morning. With a waterproof jacket and curiosity to see what’s happening out there, I ventured out to ride under today’s rainy blanket.  Creeks and lakes are swollen. Gutters brimming with water rushing to find the storm water drains. Paths filled with puddles…. Read More

The storm bird sounds in the distance. I’m not sure of its botanical name but I know this bird well from living in the sub-tropics. It heralds a halt in the heat. For days, the storm bird might sing out its long melancholic call, echoing the yearning everyone feels for the rain to arrive and relieve the humidity. She calls, she calls. This bird that I have never seen yet heard all… Read More

“I’m a fair weather rider” she said. The yoga class was over and people were collecting their shoes, shorts, keys and bags to leave. It was 7.30am and the humidity was high after some morning showers. “Are you on your bike today?” I heard someone ask. “No, not with the rain this morning. I’m a fair weather rider”, came the reply . Perhaps it was my imagination but I sensed a note of something… Read More