a bike for all seasons


The radar showed a blanket of blue, green and yellow with sprinkles of red, pulsing in a six frame loop on my iPhone screen. It was early Saturday evening and a text arrived: Lotsa rain on way! Do you want me to come past and pick you up in the van?  We were soon to ride out to meet a friend so we could all ride over to Dust Temple for a Bleach*… Read More

This project shares stories from my cycling adventures. It is an urban adventure around my neighbourhood, my city and also includes my travels to other places. I invite you to share your stories too. My experiment to ride my bike for four seasons in everyday life has made it through its first season – summer! As you’d expect, some of my adventures over the summer involved meeting the weather like “Riding in… Read More

Yesterday I was called “insane”, “crazy” and “the raining princess of pedal power”. Each affectionately. You see, it’s raining again and I’ve been riding in the rain. It’s too interesting out there to stay inside. Wind and rain whipped up by tropical cyclone Marcia has stretched over 700kms along the Queensland coast. On the Gold Coast we’re lucky to be far enough south to feel only the fringe of this Category 5 storm. Communities further north… Read More