Easter essentials

At latitude 28.0° S, longitude 153.4° E, Easter marks the last hurrah for summer. It seems not to matter whether Easter falls early or late, many see it as the last beach holiday, a close to swimming, sandy feet and salty hair.

Yet with the water temperature dipping to 19°C in the depths of winter while the minimum atmospheric temperature averages 12°C, Easter doesn’t mark the end of beach time, swim time or surf time for me and other beachlovers.

This week, autumn arrived. The southwesterly turned up making the air cooler than the ocean and fanning the foamy fringes of her waves.

This change of season typically brings clear skies, cooler temperatures and softer sunshine. And that makes it great weather for swimming and riding.

So I’ve gathered my Easter essentials and hope you have too. I wish you an especially peaceful time enjoying what Easter brings to you.

Happy Easter!



23 Comments on “Easter essentials

  1. Easter is the first Sunday following the first full moon after the equinox. That’s why its on a different day every year. And sometimes a different month. It’s a celebration of new and abundant life symbolized by the Lily (new) and Rabbit (abundant). Some cults and cultures have adopted Easter for their purposes, but everyone celebrates with the chocolate rabbit and the lily.
    Happy end of summer for you.

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    • Thanks CapeJohn! New and abundant life is a wonderful symbol to celebrate. I’ll toast some chocolate to that! 🙂 Happy springing into Spring for you.


    • It is odd. When I’m reading blog posts from the top of the planet, I sometimes have to keep looking out the window to remind myself what season I’m in 😀 The contrasts are lovely to see. We’re so fortunate to be able to have this electronic window into other parts of the world.

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      • So agree, part of the mixed bag that tech gives us is this very positive one. When I was wee I had penpals so used to write off and then wait for 2 weeks or more for the reply. Changed days now!

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  2. And hurray for the arrival of Autumn Gail. She is a little tardy this year but forgiven because of the gifts she brings. Your photo of togs and towels on the line brings smiles and your written expression beautiful as always. Wishing you a lovely Easter break too.

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    • Thanks Robyn. Yes it’s great to celebrate Autumn. She might be a little late but she’s a beauty for sure. I hope you have fun amongst some tropical gardens over Easter and find some hidden chocolate treasures 🙂

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    • That’s so true Michelle – autumn and winter are certainly my favourite seasons for writing. Sounds like your writing life enjoys them too…


  3. Hi Gail you captured the slight change of weather beautifully in this short post. I’m not much of a beach-bunny: Easter for me usually means fresh inspiration to get into the garden. This often results in scrounging local horse manure for the vegie/flower beds (we always seem to live near a racetrack). This weekend is no different, and I hope the rather fragrant load I collected this morning doesn’t put the neighbours off their choccy eggs tomorrow. Happy Easter! Paula

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    • Hi Paula – thanks for the Easter wishes. It was perfect weather for getting into the garden over the weekend here on the Gold Coast. I hope it was at your place too. From what I read about chocolate eating over Easter, I doubt that even Fragrance de Manure would put people off their choccy eggs 😀 Wishing you a great week ahead!

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  4. Sound like a lovely beginning to a cooler season on the Gold Coast.( PS for Paula & Gail – I’m using alpaca manure for my gardens this year. And I know the alpacas personally, so the resulting flowers will be even more fragrant.)

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