a bike for all seasons


With my sea of information swelling, being able to ride a bicycle was a wonderful way to let it coalesce.

For about ten days each year, the Currumbin Beach esplanade transforms into a sculpture park, alive and brimming with creative juices. The foreshore grass, trees, sand dunes and the sentinel-like rocks that book-end Currumbin Beach provide the landscape for around 55 sculptures to stand, sit, hang, chime, swing or wheel around. And that’s what I saw when I was out riding today. Today it was installation day for the Swell Sculpture Festival. Artists combined… Read More

Remember the fable about the tortoise and the hare? Aesop the storyteller from ancient Greece invented this little tale to show that slow and steady wins the race. Well we weren’t racing. And as the tortoises, we weren’t riding that slowly. And the hare, a most unlikely hare at that, wasn’t trying to drive her car that fast. It was really just an accidental experiment that happened on the way to the… Read More