a bike for all seasons


Remember Barry? Recumbent Trike Barry? A couple of weeks ago, Barry emailed to sayΒ he’sΒ taking his trike touring. But Barry’s tour isn’t a little two night tour like my 128km return trip to BrunswickΒ Heads via Billinudgel’s bushy belly. His tour isΒ a three month adventure that will see him riding his recumbent trike 1,900kms (1,180 miles)Β from Coolangatta to Cairns! Like me, you’re probably wondering why? Well, he likes the challenge. Also atΒ 68, he wants… Read More

Riding home last weekend from a housewarming party I saw something quite remarkable. It wasn’t the type of remarkable that nature delivers. This sight was of the man-made variety. The housewarming party straddled the late afternoon and early evening, laced with a beautiful sunset over the hinterland and a balmy summer night. It took us to some different streets in an adjoining suburb. Riding home in the early evening under the beam… Read More

My experiment to ride my bicycle as much as possible in everyday life has cycled through four seasons. This time last year, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! I had a lot of questions in my mind about what would happen, how I’d cope, would I last the distance? Was this a ridiculous idea that would fizzle out like a sparkler atΒ a birthday party? But… I needn’t have worried…… Read More